Getting to grips with technology

I love my PS3 and I can record, rewind or delete on the V+ box.

Sadly, I don’t have a clue about the internet.  Until last October I rarely posted on forums and although a Facebook fan, my twitter account has been dormant since the day I set it up.

At the end of my most recent course, A215 Creative Writing, many of the students began to set up their own blogs.  At first I ignored this, but current development in the world of e-books has made me realise that I have to tap into this market to succeed.

I don’t have a kindle and will always prefer a book, but I can definitely see the advantage of a lightweight device.  I always take a book when I pick up my eldest children from school and I am currently reading the BBB (Big Blue Book).  How lovely it would be to call this up on a screen in the car.

E-reading will never be able to replicate the woody smell of the bookshop.  It can’t imitate the anticipation of waiting for the postman to deliver, but it will provide a convenience which is essential to todays carousel of daily life.

So now I have a new Twitter account, and I have worked out how to add some links.  All I need now are some followers.


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