Palgrave Study Skills

I’ve borrowed some Palgrave books from the library as I want to get better at my commentaries.  After reading the first chapter I know I am definitely not full-time university material.  One thing is abundantly clear – I have no idea how to study efficiently, effectively or intelligently.

I don’t know what the C.R.E.A.M method is yet – I haven’t got that far.  I am still wading through tips on how to boost memory and exercises to establish my strengths.  I’m cheating a lot by skimming paragraphs, and my notes consist of 6 words.  They are ‘time management’, ‘self-evaluation’ and ‘methods, organisation and strategy’.  Already I am forgetting why I wrote them.

I haven’t completed a qualification since my GCSE’s so will I actually manage to obtain a whole degree?  If I can pass A363 at level 3, then I think I can.

Ultimately it’s not important whether I pass.  Lots of writers have succeeded without a formal education.  However, if my writing is well presented and error free, surely I will stand a better chance of catching someone’s eye.


One thought on “Palgrave Study Skills

  1. Most of what you do will come naturally, when you look into it further you will find that someone in the academic world has just put what we already do in to a method of working. Allowing us all to recognise and identify we are all working in similar ways.

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