Work-Life Balance

On Sundays I spend the whole day washing school uniforms, finding PE kits and rounding up shoes.  

We used to have a roast dinner but now I can’t afford the joint of beef or a large enough chicken.  With six mouths to feed it’s cheaper to eat at the local pub where they offer two for the price of one.   However, we don’t do that either as we simply prefer to stay at home. 

My parents were both only children.  On Sundays we would go to Nanny and Grandad Davies for lunch or Grandma and Grandpa F  would visit with small gifts.   Grandma F is 97 next month and on Sundays she drives along Clevedon seafront on her mobility scooter.

I wonder what my children will remember as their Sunday tradition.  In between housework and mealtimes I don’t have time for my studies, but I don’t actually ‘do’ anything with the children either.   I need some ideas.  What does everyone else do?


4 thoughts on “Work-Life Balance

  1. I discovered your link on the OU forum as I’m also a student. I confess to struggling with study, work and being a mum, so was interested to read your post. Will subscribe as I look forward to reading more.

    I was a single parent for a while and although I only had one child I remember Sundays being a challenge. I also remember that it was the inexpensive stuff that stuck with my son (now 16). Making pancakes were a favourite (4 oz self raising flour, 2 oz caster sugar, 1 egg and enough milk to make it go gloopy) into a frying pan and turn them over when they bubble.

    Anyway, thought I would pass it on, hope you get lots of suggestions!

    1. Thanks Jaqueline. I’ll try your recipe on my eldest son , but the downside of a large brood is that they don’t all like the same things. Mealtimes are a minefield 😀

  2. It depends on their ages…

    My eldest two are grown now but we spent many happy hours just messing with playdoh, plasticine, making cards, etc. Then, as they got older, the Playstation stole them away.

    I had a big gap and now have a four-year-old son and a three-year-old granddaughter. They play on the computer but we also find time to create and be arty.

    Like Jacqueline, mine also love(d) making pancakes (me too).

    They love playing with music too. Any opportunity to be loud and musical is always fun.

    Oh, and looking for crawlies under big rocks is always a good way to kill an hour.

    If all else fails, let them run around in the nearest park.

    Angie x

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