Writers Room

One of the first things you learn is that you need a place to write.  I have a sideboard that holds all of my finished coursework.   It also hides my hobbies such as sock monkeys and scrap booking.  My notepads and text books are sitting in a ‘bag for life’ somewhere.

I did have a new set of pens, pencils, highlighters and A4 refill pads, but these have dissipated.  The highlighters are now in the kid’s school bags and my youngest has bitten all the rubber tips off the pencils.  The A4 pads get filled with drawings of trees, scribbles and notes on the Titanic.

This week my 10-year-old had to write a report on how to live on a desert island.  I drafted a cluster for him and suggested a freewrite.  He was mortified at having to write it out three times.  Once was enough.


One thought on “Writers Room

  1. Hiya Charley. I can’t remember which A215 example it was, but your writing reminds me of the guy who’d written about his trip to the laundrette. It’s everyday stuff, but you’ve infused it with energy and meaning. It’s gorgeous. You’re very readable.

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