Showing and Telling

Each time I read a Harry Potter book or watch the movies I am struck by the level of careful planning J K Rowling must have done.  Had we known everything from the start, we would not have enjoyed the conclusion.  How did she resist telling her readers too much?

I was frequently telling my reader how to feel and didn’t realise it.  My tutor suggested I read the Big Red Book chapter on showing and telling again.  It was a breakthrough for me and the assignment that followed was my best work so far.

I see now that readers like to guess at people’s motives and love that moment when they see the threads joining up.  I still delight when I get a novel that proves an unexpected gem.  I love a story that talks to you as an intelligent human being and allows you to grow with the story.

The skill of showing will be important in my next course.  We are looking at conversion from page to screen, stage and radio. I’m excited as I have done script writing in the past.  I can’t wait until October to get started.

In the meantime I am counting the days until my results.  August 5th is not far away now.


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