My First 60 Points.

I have passed my level 2 course, A215, and can now say I am working towards a degree in English Literature.  I am delighted to have achieved a Grade 2 pass, with my highest mark for my EMA.  I know I could have done better so I have spent the last 5 weeks working on my study skills and critical thinking.

This has confirmed my suspicion that I am definitely not a poet.  Does this mean I am a writer?  My original novel has been completely discarded and cannot be rescued, even with extensive editing.  I am starting from the beginning with a ‘character driven plot.’

With all my energy going into two courses next year along with my family and household commitments, will I have time to work on my novel?  I am writing in my journal daily but I wonder if I should finish some of my work in progress instead.  Either way it is still writing practice.

For now I am going to enjoy the last four weeks of the school holidays with my children.  It’s going to be a busy year and I need to rest now while I can.  Congratulations to all my fellow students, some of which achieved a distinction!  I am in talented company.


5 responses to “My First 60 Points.

  1. Congratulations – it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Enjoy your well earned rest and good luck for your next module.


  2. Congratulations and well done! A215 is done and dusted! What’s the next course you have lined up? A363 advanced?

  3. I am starting A363 Advanced Creative Writing in October and AA100 Arts Past & Present in February 2012. I have a busy year ahead of me!

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