Summer Break 2011

The summer break is flying by and I have had a busy few weeks.  I have slept in a tent, paddled in a pool, chopped down some trees, messed about on my allotment and read lots books.  My house is full and the phone constantly rings.

I love the chaos of family life and can’t imagine what it will be like when everyone is back at school.  I will have lots of housework to catch up on and my studies for A363 of course, but I am used to chatter and music.  I actually quite like an untidy house, although not quite as messy as it is right now.

Until September I am reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid and trying to prevent us all from running out of clean clothes.

I am also taking some tentative steps towards a new piece of writing.  I’m excited, but nervous too.  I have written something which will not be marked by a tutor.  Fortunately I have plenty of willing friends to read and critique my work, but ultimately the decisions will be mine.    I hope that I will have confidence in my abilities and be able to publish my work.


2 thoughts on “Summer Break 2011

  1. I guess that’s just what summer holidays are all about – and hey the housework can wait. Good luck with the studying AND your piece of writing, how exciting – hope you enjoy what’s left of the school holidays.


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