What makes us tick?

My A215 tutor told me that every character wants something, be it wealth, fame, love or just to be seen.

I was thinking about this when I read something interesting on an OU forum.  Someone had asked whether Cezanne was autistic.  Of course we will never know, but this made me realise that anything can alter our ability to think rationally.

I battle with depression and anxiety and often my state of mind changes who I am.  I wore a mask for so long, that it took a dramatic chain of events for me to reassess my priorities.

It is important to consider the reasons why our characters want something.    We should question their motives and reliability as an individual.  Take in to account not just their past, but their current state of health and mind, and where their future may lie.


2 thoughts on “What makes us tick?

  1. I firmly believe that we are all really quite complex souls at the end of the day. I can also identify with battling depression and know that much good has come into my life (eventually!) as a result of experiencing this debilitating condition. It has, I think, made me stronger and although I think it is something that never truly leaves you it is possible, through an understand the complexity of the mind, to approach life differently. That’s why studying is so important to me.

    There is certainly much in this world that influences our ability to think rationally – thank you for sharing your very thought provoking post.


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