Saying it.

I was going to blog my thoughts my next course, however there is a really big thing in my life that I cannot ignore.

Every day my mother is in my thoughts.  I jump every time the telephone rings and panic at an unexpected knock on my door.

Until December 2010 I rarely discussed my mother with anyone except Mr Minty and a few select friends.   On the 7th December she suffered a grand-mal seizure from which she has never recovered.  Multiple Sclerosis has stolen my mother and I resent it.

By saying this I have stepped over my biggest barrier.  Now I have to accept it is real and is happening.  I may not change the past so I must prepare for my future.

I want people to know that my mother is dying.  Many have suffered the loss of a loved one and I do not claim that my pain is any worse.  I just hope that the next time you see a miserable face, ask yourself why.  Give them an encouraging smile as you walk by.  It may just help. x


6 thoughts on “Saying it.

  1. A brave post.

    It is a horrible situation knowing a relative or friend is suffering or dying. I guess there are no words – anything I think of saying seems trite. May you have strength to deal with the time ahead. I hope you can find joy in memories and any time you can spend with your mother now.

  2. I am thinking of you in your time of great anxiety having been through such emotions myself. To write of this time shows a great sense of courage and purpose, in as much as others who are in a similar situation will be able to pass on their thoughts to others as well. The power of the written word is strength. In strength comes unity and from such unity comes solace.

    By writing as you have done about your feelings, you have done someone who reads this, and are similarly troubled , a great service.

    Keep smiling all who are troubled, and as for yourself, a very special big smile from me.

    Jack. Exmoor.

  3. I can’t even begin to understand how difficult this must be. I do admire you for writing this post, your honesty in the challenges you face and your encouragement to look around us and be aware of others out there who could do with an encouraging smile. I guess by writing this comment this is my way of sending you a ‘virtual’ smile at least. I hope during this difficult time for you and yours life will also find a way to be kind to you.


  4. I enjoy reading about Mintys life but my heart does go out to you at this very scary time. I am always around if you need a hug or a chat. We only seem to past in our cars or past on the way to school so I am sending you a smile now :o), just to let you know i’m here xxxxxx

  5. What heartfelt writing. To open your heart and let your feelings be shared is a massive step, that others cant do. Be strong, as what you have written shows all that read this that you are. Memories will last a lifetime and i hope pull you through the time ahead x

  6. I hope that finding the courage to write about this helps you and you find strength and support in sharing. Such a difficult time for you.

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