Early morning phone calls

At 7am on Saturday I had a call.  The 48 hours before were a roller coaster and in her final hours I was too afraid to be there.  My amazingly brave father, sister and brother sat with her until 1am and she slipped away later that morning.

I am overwhelmed by a feeling of peace.  She suffered so much in those last few months and my father treated her like a lady to the end.

Wherever she is now, she is young and healthy again, kneeling beside her beloved black labrador, Kim.  She smiles and her long wavy chestnut hair shines in the sun.  That is how I will remember her.  I don’t think I believe in Heaven and I am afraid of deeply religious people.

On Monday we begin the necessary preparations.  I have never been part of a funeral plan but I am pleased that we are there so my father does not have to do it alone.


2 thoughts on “Early morning phone calls

  1. That’s a very moving piece of writing. So heartfelt and organic. I’m really sorry for your loss, and I’m comforted by the fact you have peace. Love. X

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