A New Page

Today we said goodbye to Mum.  The service was lovely, the flowers were beautiful and I met lots of family and friends I haven’t seen for a long time.   Funerals are never ‘nice’ however if that word could be applied, it would be fitting.

I am fortunate to have good people around me, both online and in the real world.  I want to thank them all for their kindness to myself and my family.

I also attended the open evening at the local comprehensive school today.  My second eldest is due to start there next September and I am quite envious of the possibilities before him.

Tomorrow my second youngest goes to school all day for the first time.  She is ready, but I’m not so sure that I am.

Life moves quickly and a new start is before me too.  My Advanced Creative Writing course website opened today.  I haven’t thought much about my studies in the last few weeks and have  a lot of reading to catch up with.   The problem is I have so many books I want to read, it’s hard to choose which one to read first.  What are you reading?


3 thoughts on “A New Page

  1. It is lovely to hear you write positively about marking your mum’s passing. It is a hugely important time for family.

    You sound as though you have much going on, both with your studies and also your kids.

    As to what I’m reading. Well my Open University package arrived so my desk is piled high with books that MUST be read. I am officially back to being a student – but quite happy with this. Good luck with your Advanced Creative Writing.


  2. At the moment I am reading a very silly book by Dan Rhodes called ‘Anthropology’. It is 101 pieces of joke flash-fiction which purport to be about love and have been written to be as weird as possible. Most of them are crap but about 1 in 10 is ingenious rather than trite.

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