Skiving off

I successfully completed my first assignment and under-estimated the expectations of a level 3 course.  So I have spent the last couple of weeks sulking and haven’t even picked up a study book.  Instead I have read the excellent ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth.  If you like a bit of dystopian adventure, this book is for you.  The blurb lists it a ‘young adult fiction,’ but I enjoyed it so much I intend to read it again.  Check it out if you can.

As a family we are coming to terms with my mum’s death.  I cried for the first time last week, and that was because I realised the pain my dad is going through.  He misses her so much.  I admire the way he is carrying on.  He still gets up for work every morning, and keeps his social arrangements with his friends.  They have been fantastic to him and I am grateful.

My sister and I have been making the most of my grandma, who is now our last surviving female relative.   I spent a lovely afternoon with her last Thursday helping Will with some colouring-in whilst she did some dot-to-dot.   The years of hell that we have been through have brought us closer and my mum would be delighted to know that some good has come of it.


4 thoughts on “Skiving off

  1. My mother died at 23:50 on 29 April 2006, and I still have not cried about her. I cried about my father when he died (but then so had my mother). I know this is going to sound weird, even creepy: but I envy you.

    1. One thing I am sure of, William, is that you are not creepy. I am still pondering the question you posed me all those months ago. You never know; one day I may actually have an answer for you.

  2. She will always be with you and watching, listening and caring for you, albeit from another plane. Decisions that you make will always be made with her full knowledge.
    There is only one way for you to proceed. That is forward and onwards to your eventual destination. I have no doubt that you are doing this now in the form of writing, which itself gives an end factor which gives pleasure to very many people.
    You are of a strong character, which will manifest soon into forms of progression that you know you are capable off.
    Chin up.

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