Shift Happens*

My eldest’s school is investigating the introduction of the iPad.  They did a marvellous presentation which, at just over two hours, was bum-numbingly lengthy, but helped me to understand why they are necessary.

Technology is moving faster than we can imagine.  Our children will be working with products that have not been invented, solving problems that do not exist yet.  Most children possess mobile phones, laptops, an Xbox,  PSP and many other internet capable items.

When my eldest was 4, we had a dial-up connection on a single computer.  It was slow and prone to crashing.  We had educational software, which took forever to load and was so complicated she got bored.

Just 8 years later, my current 4-year-old can switch on a tv, laptop or desktop computer.  She can login in to her own account, load internet explorer and find Cbeebies.  She can switch between websites such as Nick Jr and Cbeebies iPlayer and find her favourite shows.  The mouse and touchpad are as second nature to her as a telephone is to us.

If this is a reflection of the changes in such a short period, we can only guess what the future will hold.  Therefore I want to pledge my support to Clevedon Community School and thank them for the opportunity they are giving my children.

*This is the title Clevedon Community School gave their presentation.


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