It’s foggy tonight.

I seem to have encountered a brick wall, and find myself unable to write anything creative.  I am three weeks behind with my studies and have little desire to catch up.

Making promises here, often gives me the push I need;

Tomorrow – 9th December 2011

1.  I will pick up my ‘big, blue book’ and read at least one chapter.

2.  I will post some exercises on the Open University Forums.

3.  I will post a new short story on this blog, most likely a polished up TMA from a previous course.

I must not allow this fog to push me down – I am stronger than this.


2 thoughts on “It’s foggy tonight.

  1. My suggestions are: stop trying to write and read something. Next: free-write (I may post something on my blog about how to get the utmost from free-writing). Finally: start some chore which needs doing but which you loathe in comparison to writing. Arrange your mind so that it is an alternative between this and writing (there is nothing else in the world). I also have a similar regime in which I work in the same room where The Jays are watching some horrendous, crap TV programme. Immersion in my writing is my shield against the vicissitudes of Ant, Dec, and all the rest.

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