Seasons Greetings

This has been the most calm and relaxed I have ever been over Christmas.  The children say it has been the best ever, but I wonder what has made this year different.

We stayed at home all Christmas day for the first time since I left home.  Mr Minty and I made the lunch at a leisurely pace, finally eating after 4pm.  I spent most of the day playing train sets and Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes with the little ones, or watching movies whilst snoozing.

In the evening, we had a visit from Mr Minty’s family.  I actually let my hair down and drank a few watermelon Breezers.  I allowed myself to sit and watch life around me, instead of controlling it.

Christmas is a time for reflection and I have spent a lot of time pondering my faith.  This is difficult, when my own beliefs are so divided.  I am no closer to a clear opinion on this than I was before my mother died.  I am currently between faiths; which is an odd, disembodied feeling.

I am certain that I know myself better now, but I have a long way to go.   I hope 2012 is the year that it all becomes clear.

Wishing you all a warm and fuzzy Christmas and New Year. xx


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