Educational Overload

In the last month I have not only learnt about writing for film, radio and stage, I have discovered Cleopatra and read Dr Faustus.  My brain is feeling like a bloated sponge.

My next assignment for A363 is due in tomorrow (or is that now today) and I should be working on that – but I’m here instead, procrastinating.  I have 3 tutorials next week and 2 assignments due in March.

The biggest hurdle is not my capacity to understand the material, it is finding the time to do it.  Family life is chaotic and disorganised as ever.  As all four children are home this week I get little peace in the day to read and write so I do most of it after 9pm.

I have lots of ideas for my assignment on Cleopatra.  My writers journal is littered with notes on both courses – they are mingling and influencing each other.  I love it.

By the way, I have finally got round to adding a photo on my ‘About Minty’ page.  I am still a bit useless at this blog malarky, but I would like to personalise the whole thing one day.  That is, if I ever get the time.