Happy Easter

Easter has been the usual chocolate-filled mayhem of egg hunts and rain storms.  The house has been wrecked and I can’t find everything needed for school.  I’m looking forward to Monday morning with a quiet cup of tea and an empty house.  As much as I love my children, I am relieved when the holidays are over.

What I have read this week.

I love dystopian novels and have been a fan of science-fiction forever.  Therefore, reading ‘The Hunger Games’ was inevitable.  I actually found myself enjoying it and whizzed through in a few days.   The ‘Games’ themselves were exciting and it was easy to read.

Next I plan to read ‘Catching Fire.’  Hopefully, this will be just as entertaining.  I want Katniss to change her world and to sort out her feelings for Gale and Peeta.

What I have been doing this week.

I  bombed on my sixth assignment for A363.  It was my own fault as I submitted an assignment that was over 200 words short.  Overall, it won’t affect my final degree classification but have to set aside more time to study.

My first assignment for AA100 did fairly well.  The marks are consistent with those achieved on my creative writing assignments, which has reassured me that I have learnt something.


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