If it’s Spring, why is it so cold?

So much has happened in the last month.

Family Life

My father has been poorly and subsequently decided to retire.  A difficult, yet correct, decision.  His doctor & I had the same thought – ‘you have done enough.’  Most of my time is spread between my house and his.  I make excuses to pop in to remind him he is not alone.  My brother and sister check on him too so between us he is kept busy.

We are moving!  I have mixed feelings about it, and not just because we can’t take our kitties.  Jemima and Midnight, the kittens, have found a marvellous home with three children that adore them.  Harry Half-Tail is still with us for now.  It terrifies me to think he may have to go into a sanctuary.

Our current house has been part of my soul-searching and I never thought I could get this attached.  Sadly, we need another bedroom and bathroom.  Our new home is on top of a hill with a fantastic view.  I hope I will find another piece of me there so I can continue to grow.

The Open University

The final assignment for A363 is due in just under two weeks.  Another 60 points towards my degree and only three more years to go.

I have promised myself a book from my Amazon wish list when this one has been submitted.  What do you do to get yourself motivated?


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