I have submitted the third assignment for AA100 The Arts Past and Present later than expected.  The Dalai Lama is a fascinating chapter and if you don’t know about him, find out.

One part in particular interested me, and it was the idea that we can never be truly happy ‘as something good happens, it is tainted by the thought that it cannot last.’ (Waterhouse, H. 2008)

How many times have we been blessed with good luck, only to worry that it will be followed by something bad?

Looking forward to moving into our new home, I am worrying how long we will be able to stay there.  I had a dream that the new neighbours were noisy and abusive (I have not seen or met them yet) and lay awake wondering how much the running costs will be, and whether we can afford it.

Buddhists believe that we are caught in a cycle called Samsara, which is that we are born, age, die and are reborn.  This, to sentient beings, is unsatisfactory and painful but we still have a strong desire to live and have things.

After my next assignment, which will be on Pugin, I would like to learn more about Buddhist beliefs.  They do seem to have morals that echo my own.

And talking of morals, what on earth is Plato all about?  It will take me months to understand that chapter!

Reference:  Waterhouse, H (Moohan, E. Ed) 2008, AA100 The Arts Past and Present Book 1 Reputations, The Open University


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