A fresh perspective?

We have managed to move with minimal loss or damage.  It is amazing the difference a little more space can make.  Unfortunately the kids seem to be creating more mess to compensate.

There are several beautiful walks behind our house including a woodland path from which you can see most of the village.  I’m looking forward to sneaking up there with my notebook on sunny days.  I’m planning on taking some photos and posting them here soon.

I have sent off the necessary documents to secure a place on A230 Reading and Studying Literature.  This will be my 5th course, leaving only two more to complete my degree with honours.  When I started with The Open University in 2009 my intention was to write a novel.  This is still my consuming desire, but I find little time to actually do it.  Studying fills my spare time instead.

Next March I will be 40 and if I spend the next few years studying, I may lose the urge to write. Everyone has moments of doubt, and this is a minor one in comparison to other times.  Those years will fly by and I have managed so far.  All I need is for someone to say it is alright to put myself first.


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