I made the decision to contact my tutor as I am behind with my assignments and struggling to keep up.  The Open University have a calculator that predicts your final grade, and I am on track for a pass.

With my tutors support, I have decided to miss one assignment.  This will allow me to catch up.

It means a zero score but I feel better without the worry hanging over me.

At this months tutorial in Bristol we talked about what we have learnt so far.  My timetable to study for this course was set but was not revisited when I fell behind.  My tutor reminded us that as our lives change, so must our expectations.

With this in mind, I have jumped back in where everyone else is.  Should the opportunity arise, I will catch up.  If I cannot, I will not worry about it.  Instead I have a week to complete my next assignment, which I will do.  I am determined to keep up from now on.


2 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. I think this is a positive move but I understand that it’s a tough decision. I had to miss one assignment and I’ve also had to make the decision to defer my exam until October. That said, now that the decision is made I feel lighter and more focussed. I hope I can now be on track to handle my exam with a bit more grace and secure a good mark. Life just gets in the way sometimes and it’s quite a scary feeling. I so wish you good luck. Hang in there. Keep us posted on how you’re getting on.

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