Summer holidays

I have two assignments due in August.  One is a ‘reflective’ assignment, in which I have to assess what I have learnt from the module.   The other is based on ‘Cultural Encounters’ and is due in by the 10th August.

The end of term has been busy and I have realised for the first time that I may have taken on too much.  I have no idea how I have managed to get this far and remain sane.  I also have no idea how I am going to manage to study with four noisy, excitable children racing about the house for the next six weeks.

With a zero score for assignment four and a lower score for five, I must get 70% or more from now on to get a pass for this module.  It is frustrating as this is a level one module and therefore a lighter work load.  If I want to get an English Literature degree, I must pass this module. 

At least the sun has finally come out.  Will’s pet snails have laid eggs, the cat has been controlling the bird population and I have to plan picnics, day trips and baking.  It’s a tough life.


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