Another 60 Points

My results from A363 Advanced Creative Writing give me another 60 points towards my degree.  I am delighted to get another Grade 2, even though I know I could do better.  The marks prove that a third person point of view does not suit my voice, on which I had a ‘bare pass’.  My commentary also lost a few points.  My writing is mostly instinct so I find it difficult to apply academic rules to something I feel I moulded by hand.

My current module, AA100 Arts Past and Present is becoming more comfortable.  The assignment on short stories is familiar and useful and I have until next Friday to get it done.  I am determined to avoid a last-minute panic.  Previously I dismissed short stories, remembering the ‘coffee time’ ones in More magazine.  This chapter has enabled me to understand the context behind them and appreciate their value as a genre.

Away from my studies, I attempted to read Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James as my friends are talking about it.  I’m not a literary expert, however too many rules are broken in the opening paragraphs for me to enjoy reading it. Instead I read Sisters by Rosamund Lupton.  I normally avoid books that I call ‘human misery’, but I found it touching.  Beatrice is the sensible sister who puts her ordered, grown-up life on hold when the younger, unrestrained Tess goes missing.  Funny, touching and occasionally sinister, Ms Lupton pulls at the threads of their lives, bringing the sisters closer than Beatrice ever imagined.  Having a sister myself, it gave me some insight into my relationship with her and makes me feel incredibly lucky to have her.


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