Happy Autumn

Hello again.  I have had a busy few weeks and as usual life took over for a while.  Now I am back with a new module.

The final assignment for AA100 (The Arts Past and Present) is gone and I have to wait until December for my final result.

This month I have started A230, which is Reading and Studying Literature.  With my youngest finally at school full-time, I can now spend the days studying.  My new time management skills will be to the test and my plan is to alternate between study, housework and leisure throughout the day.

You may think ‘leisure? Why is that important?’  My reply is that I have to look after myself too.  I am responsible for not only myself, but four very wonderful, if infuriating, children.  Successful completion of my degree will hopefully help me to find a job I love and provide for them.

My creative writing is not forgotten.  I’m looking forward to NaNoWriMo (see my ‘Minty reads’ section) where I have an excuse to bang out a poorly written novel that no-one will read.  It’s a liberating experience which I urge any aspiring writer to try at least once.


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