Reading and Studying Literature

The first assignment due for my new module (A230) is an analysis of a passage from Othello by William Shakespeare.  I have loved his work since senior school, and am glad of an excuse to pop to the library and borrow the dvd’s. It is amusing to see Anthony Hopkins in the title roll, complete with Welsh accent, in an old BBC version.

I am fast learning that it is not just important how we analyse and understand the material, it is also important that we prove why we think that.  Referencing and bibliographies were something I tried to avoid and I still question whether a reference is correct.  However, it is becoming a bit easier to pick out relevant quotes and I have developed a habit of writing the bibliography as I go along, so I don’t forget it!

In the real world, I am reading J K Rowling’s new novel, Casual Vacancy.  It is early on but I will post some thoughts at the end.

My creative writing is still receiving minimum attention as between study and family life, I don’t have much spare time.  I do try to make some notes in the journal beside my bed most evenings ready for November, when I will being my second attempt to write a novel in a month.  Is anyone going to join me this year?


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