Othello and dot-to-dot.

Now the children are back at school, I have to think about going back to University.

In each module I have done so far, I have had a ‘ah, right’ moment, where it suddenly makes sense.  My illness meant that during the last two modules I did each assignment without a clear idea of what the point was.  I did learn to structure an essay, but it had no clear conclusion which my results reflect.

This time I will be doing it properly.  I have already started reading the first study book for A230, ‘The Renaissance and Long Eighteenth Century.’ I’m surprised that within the first couple of chapters I am getting the ‘ah, right’ feeling.  I am able to read Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ and understand the context in which it was written. It is like before I had a page with many dots on it, but I did not know how to put it together.  Now I have all the dots and their numbers, so I can draw the lines between them and see the bigger picture.

I am feeling a great deal better.  I am thinking clearer, my symptoms of anxiety have eased and I am sleeping better. I probably still spend far too much time on my own, but strangely I feel like I don’t get enough.

Later this month I will be watching ‘Othello’ through with N T Live, which considering I have got to know the play so well, I am ridiculously excited about.  I may even attempt to do a review on it.


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