Will being Working-Class become a crime in itself?

This morning I am feeling frustrated.  Sometimes education brings with it a knowledge that we wish we did not have. Years ago I wasn’t interested in current affairs and politics.  I rarely understood the complexities of the battles that raged in the middle east.  I congratulated myself that I live in such a stable country.  How lucky we are to be looked after!

Whilst this is partially true, there is a sinister price we are paying.  Our rights are being disguised as opinions.  Our opinions, whilst taken into consideration, are dismissed by the powers that be.  I am afraid of what the future of Britain will be.

Michael Gove is a menace to society.  If the government has it’s way, we will become a society of snobs.  It’s only a matter of time before being working-class is a crime in itself.

Of course I believe in things like respect, honesty and duty, but these are not ‘British’ values.  These are human values.  What David Cameron fails to see is that he is alienating the working-class.  The only people that believe in him are the people who have more money than they need.

It’s time to get ‘minty’ about it.  If we do not stand up now, ‘The Hunger Games’ will soon become a text book. Our future is looking bleak and I’m a little bit scared.


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